Express Dek Limited Warranty - End User/Dealer/Distributor

This Limited Warranty (referred to as the "Warranty") is established by Express Dek, a Florida limited liability company, concerning the purchase of an Express Dek product (defined as the "Covered Product") by the Buyer. This Warranty constitutes the complete understanding between Express Dek and the Buyer with regard to any warranties provided by Express Dek for the Covered Product.

  1. Acknowledgments by the Buyer

By acquiring an Express Dek product, the Buyer acknowledges and agrees to the following terms:

  1. The Buyer comprehends, accepts, and agrees to the terms and restrictions of this Warranty. B. The Buyer has had ample opportunity to consult independent legal counsel concerning this Warranty and its limitations. The Buyer acknowledges that no statements or representations from Express Dek have influenced their interpretation of this Warranty.

Coverage Under This Limited Warranty

Express Dek provides a warranty to the original Buyer (the first purchaser of the Covered Product) that the Covered Products are devoid of defects in materials and workmanship at the time of manufacture and for a period of Twenty-Four (24) months from the date of shipment from Express Dek to the Buyer. This warranty is contingent upon the condition that the Covered Products are used and maintained in compliance with all Express Dek specifications for preparation, installation, and storage.

Exclusions from This Limited Warranty

This limited warranty does not extend to the installation of the Covered Product onto any surface, nor does it cover the adhesion of the Product to any surface. The warranty solely pertains to the material and workmanship of the Covered Product itself. Natural fading and discoloration of the Covered Products over time due to exposure in the marine environment are not covered by this warranty. This warranty specifically excludes deformation, discoloration, or damage resulting from temperatures exceeding 165°F ("Max Temp"). Express Dek is not responsible for any damage or loss arising from applications that surpass the Max Temp. Installation scenarios leading to temperatures beyond the Max Temp will void this Warranty entirely. The warranty does not cover the pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), as it is subject to external factors beyond our control during installation.

Actions to Be Taken by Express Dek

Covered Products identified by Express Dek as having material and/or workmanship defects will be addressed as follows: Products found to be defective within thirty-six (36) months of shipment will either be replaced or a refund will be provided for the defective product. Express Dek may opt to cover the shipping charges for replacement within the U.S., while the Buyer is responsible for international shipping charges.

Limitations on Express Dek Liability and Other Provisions

  1. Express Dek's total liability under this Warranty will not exceed the replacement value of the Covered Product. B. Express Dek will not be liable for consequential or indirect damages under any theory of liability. C. Buyer cannot assign or transfer this Warranty without prior written approval from Express Dek. D. This Warranty is governed by the laws of the state of Florida, United States. The Parties consent to personal jurisdiction in Florida.

Warranty Disclaimers

  1. This Warranty supersedes any previous warranties offered by Express Dek to the Buyer. B. Express Dek expressly disclaims all warranties not explicitly outlined in this Warranty. C. Implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose are excluded from this Warranty. D. No representative of Express Dek has the authority to alter the terms of this Warranty. E. Any repair or replacement offers made by Express Dek do not waive or modify the terms of this Warranty.

By making payment to Express Dek, the Buyer acknowledges and agrees to all terms outlined in this Warranty, including any information related to Light Amplification and associated documents.